Becky of That’s Sew Becky – Update

Becky of That’s Sew Becky – Update

She designs and makes the most adorable baby shoes, skirts and bags from the luxurious and famous Liberty print fabric. Due to the fabric being from the arts fabric ranges she has a limited stock and the supply is hard to find so each piece is carefully and lovingly crafted with the knowledge that each is different and limited, when the fabric has gone it’s gone. The quality of the fabric is fantastic and always high which is why she chooses to use it, only the best will do.

The shoes are painstakingly sewn together and quality checked throughout to Becky’s high standard. They make fantastic gifts for first time parents and always seem to be given by adoring aunties, uncles and grandparents. They are something to be treasured and kept as mementos. Becky is also offering a service to create a personalised frame for the shoes so that once they have been worn they can be kept safe and clean forever.

Her bags and purses are also made from Liberty print and this is due to the robust nature of the silk and cotton, she knows from experience of her first make-up bag being one she made and abused that they can last for over 5 years, the inside gets a bit mucky but the outside is still as glorious as ever. They are fantastically priced and are in lots of different fabrics so make idea gifts for both men and women alike.

The skirts she makes are so cute too and we all want one for ourselves. They come in 3 styles one high end style which is created from Liberty print and are lined and lace trimmed, the others are kitsch cute strawberry and balloon fabric that come in a straight skirt and circle skirt style. They are aged 1 to 4 but due to children being different sizes all of them should fit any sized child.

The good news is that she also makes clothes for adults too and is happy to take commissions for garments including designing, making and sourcing the fabric. She also takes commissions for bags, shoes and recently a wedding ring cushion so if you do have anything in mind do not hesitate to ask.

As a gift to our shoppers Becky is offering £5 off her shoes and Liberty print skirts. It’s for a limited time so get yours now.