Lynsey Harris of Lynsey Luu

Lynsey Harris of Lynsey Luu

Today we bring you another in a new series of posts. Ever wanted to know more about the creative individuals who hand craft the beautiful items sold in The Shop in the Square? We hope so because it’s time to meet the seller!

Q. For those who don’t know, could you tell us who you are and the name of your business?

A. Hello! My name’s Lynsey Harris and I trade under the name of Lynsey Luu

Q. And what kind of products do you make and sell?

A. I design quirky jewellery, unisex clothing, hip flasks, illustrations/posters and I have recently expanded into greetings cards. I find anything weird and wonderful as inspiration really. In the Shop in the Square I work on the visual merchandising and general help in the shop when needed.

Q. So how did art become such a big part of your life?

A. I was always really interested in art at school, I kept waiting for artistic parts of the lessons so I could engage with them. Later I studied textiles at the University of Wolverhampton and got a real interest in surface pattern design. I’d been told that jobs in my field usually involved working for a single company in which they have my designs or to set up your own company, so whilst in my final year I enrolled on the Speed WM program who help students start small businesses. I love being able to use art in my work, it’s much more interesting than a normal nine to five job. I’m always making products and researching new techniques.

Q. Just for fun, could you tell us 7 things we didn’t know about you?

1. I’ve never broken a bone but when I was 4 my hip came out of the joint.
2. When everyone else in university was drawing flowers I was using zombies in my designs.
3. My shop name – Lynsey Luu is actually the nickname my parents called me.
4. I can’t function without coffee in the morning, I’m coffee fuelled.
5. My favourite film is Braindead by Peter Jackson.
6. I’ve met Theo Paphitis (from Dragons Den) three times now thanks to winning his ‪#‎SBS‬ in 2011. I’m now part of his Small Business Sunday winners.
7. I’m very competitive, a phrase amongst my friends is “Lynsey NEVER loses!” haha

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