Mmmmmm is for Marshmallows

Mmmmmm is for Marshmallows

The perfect fluffy pink and white sweets couldn’t be improved could they? Well think Choc in the Square Luxury Belgian Chocolate Dipped and Drizzled Marshmallows and you will be pleasantly surprised. Marshmallows probably originated in ancient Egypt as a medicinal sweet to soothe children’s sore throats and were made from egg whites, sugar and the juice of the Marsh-Mallow plant root which grew on the banks of the Nile. Thankfully today the plant root has been replaced with gelatine.

With 14 pieces in each pack for just £2.25 (or three for £6.50 mix and match with the other products in the Choc in the Square range) there are probably too many for one sitting but just enough to share for an evening treat with a nice glass of wine. Although anyone that knows my chocoholic tendencies will not be surprised to know that I did not share my bag of marshmallows or my wine!

So after trying one or two (which were delicious as the dark chocolate cuts out some of the sweetness and gives the marshmallows a nice crunchy texture), I wanted to  see if the Choc in the Square marshmallows could enhance my favourite drink.

And they did!  I chopped up three marshmallows to put on my Options hot chocolate (the only one I will drink) and I must say it was a lovely afternoon treat.

The Choc in the Square range is handmade by Charlie’s Mom’s Chocolate Factory, one of the 30 or so creative micro businesses from across the Black Country supported by Shop in the Square.  Originally started as a Portas Pilot project with seed funding, the Shop now trades as a not for profit Community Interest Company.

Choc in the Square

The range currently stocked at Shop in the Square includes dark, white and milk slabs, chocolate dipped pretzels and chocolate spoons (little shot glass pots of scrumptious chocolate) as well as the dipped marshmallows.


Why not treat yourself?



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