Solving the Knotty problem of Father’s Day

Solving the Knotty problem of Father’s Day

If you know a Dad who likes a treat but perhaps does not have such a sweet tooth, I have found the perfect gift.

Luxury Milk Belgian Dipped Sea Salt Pretzels from Choc in the Square not on sale at Shop in the Square.

Pretzels probably originated in Europe in the early Middle Ages and were made by German monks. The traditional symmetrical knot. known as the Pretzel Loop could have religious symbolism – or it may just have been used to hang them up to dry!

So if you’ve never had Pretzels before think crisp savoury biscuit such as twiglets (but without the love it or hate it marmite!). Salted caramel seems to be all the rage at the moment and this combination of salty and sweet also hits the mark for Dads or anyone, so why not treat yourself?

You get 8 large Pretzels per which costs just £2.25 (or three for £6.50 mix and match with the other products in the Choc in the Square range).

These delicious crispy choc-covered treats are only slightly salty, just enough to stimulate the taste buds and want another one are the perfect present for Dad.

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