#plasticbags has been trending this week and in the days leading up to October 5th I found myself greedily helping myself to free bags whereas normally I tend to cram as much as possible into a few bags so I don’t have to add to my plastic bag mountain.

But my carefully amassed collection of mismatched bag will now start to dwindle following the legislation that compels large stores to charge for plastic bags in order to reduce waste.

There are lots of good things of course, we have seen the pictures of what plastic bags do to marine life and how they clog up landfill.  And Supermarkets will have to give any ‘profits’ to good causes so large and small charities could benefit.

But what about the down side? We will all have to now go out and buy the correct sized bin liners (which I guess will be good news for bin liner manufacturers) and I can’t see a future for doll plastic bag holders.  In fact mine could well find its way to my local charity shop to join hundreds of other unloved dolls.

And I am going to have to get organised with my Bags for Life which live in the back of the car – they just don’t always make it to the supermarket. And who can be bothered to take a split one back to be replaced, personally I always seem to be in the wrong supermarket.

Don’t get me wrong I truly am the Queen of Recycling! A positive little Womble, going round the bins tutting and removing card and plastic deposited so carelessly by him indoors and sorting religiously into my different bins.

In fact I still can’t get used to putting my plastic, glass, foil and tins into one super-sized purple topped bin – it just doesn’t feel right after years of sorting.

It’s not that I’m mean, but I hate unnecessary expense whereas him indoors thinks nothing of paying 5p for bags and thinks its sissy to take your own bags to a supermarket.

But the good news is that independent shops won’t have to go to the hassle of recording bag usage, costs and where the profits have gone to reporting to some government department that clearly does not have enough to do.

So here at Shop in the Square its business as usual, you will get your lovely handmade gifts, treats and chocolates in our totally recyclable paper bags that don’t clog up landfill or choke seagulls!

Kim Gilmour

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