Wonderland in Wolverhampton!

Wonderland in Wolverhampton!

Surely every young girl and quite a few boys will be familiar with Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland? Even if they do not know the book perhaps they saw the excellent Walt Disney fantasy film directed by Tim Burton.

Those striking images of the frantic white rabbit, the mad hatter’s tea party, the evil Queen of Hearts, the Cheshire cat have inspired everyone from tattoo artists to bakers and products from wedding dresses to jewellery.

This timeless children’s book was published in 1865 so is 150 years old this year. To celebrate the fact that this publishing sensation has never been out of print and has been translated into at least 176 languages, Shop in the Square designers have created two stunning displays one in both windows in the Shop right in the centre of Queen Square in Wolverhampton and one in Waterstones just round the corner.

Filled with beautiful hand crafted items will you be tempted by an Alice cushion, cards or original art? There is a stunning felt rabbit, a leather bag with red hearts, a Cheshire cat door stop and shop manager Charlotte has been firing up her kiln to produce some more of her popular Alice tea set. People have loved the displays and whether for a treat or a present the Alice items are flying out of the door.

It’s sometimes said that Lewis Carroll’s Alice books were the origin of all later children’s literature. Prior to 1865 almost all children’s books were written to make a moral point. In Alice, for the first time, we find a child taking part in a fun story which is as fresh and clever and funny today as it was a hundred and fifty years ago.

Source of facts and to find out more http://aliceinwonderland150.com